Ginger Beer

Cloudy, Fiery & Alcoholic

A fiery alcoholic ginger beer with flavours of rich molasses supported by the perfect balance of sharp citrus and a subtle hint of malt. Gently carbonated and very refreshing.

Our Ginger Beer contains only natural ingredients: fresh pressed ginger, hand squeezed lemon and demerara sugar. Natural ingredients create natural sediment in every bottle. This sediment is the root of the unique fiery flavour – in order to properly enjoy our Ginger Beer, gently turn the bottle over before drinking.

Best Served Chilled.


Craft beer makers often tell their consumers not to agitate the beer bottle as the sediment within that bottle is almost entirely made up of yeast, which will impair the taste of the beer. Umbrella ginger beer is different; we remove all the yeast using an incredibly fine filter, the sediment in our bottle is entirely made up of pressed ginger root.

That’s why we ask you to turn the bottle over before serving - to wake up the ginger.