Every month we invite staff from five bars to join us at our Holloway Brewery to see how we make our ginger beer . . .

We restored and converted the brewery ourselves – it was a fire-damaged wreck when we got our hands on it. Our head brewer Matt Armitage will tell our story whilst showing the groups around the Victorian industrial building where we produce the ginger beer. Matt will explain how the liquid is made, and give a run through of each step of the brewing process and how we get the most out of the natural ingredients – he’ll also teach the bartenders to make some bespoke ginger beer based cocktails, so that they can be served in the bars.

We’ll then rustle up some BBQ food in our yard, enjoy some sunshine (hopefully!) and chat about our ginger beer.

If you stock our ginger beer and are interested in coming to meet us and having a look around, give us a call on 020 3211 0004 or fill out the enquiry form on our contact page. We host the events on the last Tuesday of every month.

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